Southern Association of Dance Masters

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A Message from the President

Dear Members –

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking much about what the Southern Association of Dance Masters means to me and my dance studio. Only another dance studio owner or teacher can fully appreciate how many hats you wear in any given day. From SADM’s conventions I have received valuable training to help manage all of those different hats!

So much of what SADM teaches me is passed on to my students and throughout the years, many of them have strived to become teachers. SADM’s wonderful certification program provides assurance that they are schooled in the proper techniques of dance and held to a higher standard through SADM’s code of ethics. In addition, programs like the Certified Student Members and SADM Junior Ambassadors, formerly known as Junior Members, have allowed students to grow as dancers, assistants and leaders while learning about our wonderful organization.

During my time with SADM, I have met so many wonderful people, many of which have become dear friends. Their support, friendship and the sense of community I feel within this association means more to me than I can put in words.

I am looking forward to our summer intensive convention, competition, ballet forum and banquet. The Guest House at Graceland is a beautiful facility and I know you will enjoy everything from the beautifully designed rooms, to the state of the art auditorium for the competition, to the spacious ballrooms where the convention classes and annual banquet will be held. So get out your pukka shell necklaces, flower dresses and brush up on the hula, as this summer’s theme is Aloha Hawaii! It will be an event to remember and can only be special with you there!

Best wishes to all of you on your upcoming recitals and spring performances and when you have time, please take a moment to think about what SADM means to you and your studio.

Looking forward to seeing each of you at SADM’s summer convention!

Kathy Kinner

SADM President

Mission Statement

The Southern Association of Dance Masters is a non-for-profit dance education organization dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation of dance to both teachers and students and to enhance the quality of education by offering professional training and certification in the proper techniques of dance.