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Our S.A.D.M. Competition is a great way for all levels of dancers to compete in a family friendly atmosphere! 

 Online registration is required for all competition entries and music can now be uploaded during registration. Please read all rules carefully. Failure to comply could result in point deduction and/or disqualification.


  • Junior = 4-9 years of age

  • Intermediate = 10-12 years of age

  • Teen = 13-15 years of age

  • Senior = 16-18 years of age

  • Adult = 19-21 years of age



  • Ballet

  • Lyrical

  • Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • Tap

  • Open

  • Contemporary



  • Music must be submitted in MP3 prior to competition.

  • There is no minimum time limit for entries.

  • The prescribed time limits include any musical tag designed to allow dancers to enter and exit. 

  • All music must be recorded at the proper speed.

  • All  entries are required to comply with the following time limits:

    • Solo/Duet/Trio and Group – 3 min. maximum

    • Production (15+ dancers) – 7 min. maximum

    • Overtime will result in a five-point deduction for every five seconds over the time limit.



  • Pricing is available to studio owners and teachers who have created a Dance Bug Account. Please visit to create an account. 



  • Props are permitted and may be brought in by dancers or studio personal.

  • No one is permitted to place props in stage area while wearing studio-identifying clothing. 

    • Failure to comply results in a one-point deduction for each incident.


  • Each competition entry is critiqued in 4 different categories:

    • Choreography/Staging 10pts

    • Musicality/Timing 20pts

    • Stage Presence/Performance 30pts

    • Technique 40pts

    • Judges are provided with scoring guidelines and are asked to provide notes that will be attached to scoring sheets.

    • Judges may score lower if they deem any music lyrics, movements, and/or costumes are not age appropriate or inappropriate in the competition environment.



  • Award plaques will be given in each age division to each entry as follows:

    • Platinum: 92-100pts

    • High Gold: 84-91.9pts

    • Gold: 76-83.9pts

    • Silver: 75.9pts and below

    • A 1st place Award will be given to the solo/duet/trio category and to the group/production category earning the highest score in each of the four age divisions. 

      • 2nd and 3rd place awards will only be given out if there are 10 or more entries in the solo/duet/trio and/or group/production categories.

    • One Overall Super Nova Award will be given to the highest scoring routine in each age division and must earn 84pts or above to qualify. Tie for Super Nova will be broken by the overall technique score.

      • The Super Nova winners from each age category during the Summer Convention may be asked to perform in the banquet floorshow.

      • Students with multiple solos will only be considered for one overall placement.

    • A Judges’ Choice Costume Award will be given to the Jr/Int. Divisions and the Sr I/Sr II Divisions.

    • One Judge’s Choice Choreography Award will be chosen from all 4 age divisions and given out during the Sr I/Sr II awards ceremony. 

      • The Choreography Award winner at the Summer Competition may be asked to perform at the Banquet.

    • Judges will have the opportunity to award Special Judges award at their discretion


  • Studios & Members are limited to a max. of 10 total routines, of which only 5 may be solos; max. 1 solo per student unless there are less than 50 numbers registered for the competition, this rule does not apply.

  • Age divisions are based on average age of contestants at the time of the competition. Ages will be rounded up if the average is 0.5 or higher (i.e. Ages that average 9.5 will be placed in the Intermediate Division).

  • Absolutely no dancer under the age of 4 or over the age of 21 at the time of the competition may enter, even if average score places them within one of the four age divisions.

  • Representing teachers and students must be registered for the SADM convention & present during the competition. Dancers must wear convention wristbands during performances, except for those registered as teachers.

  • Studio owners/members must be able to provide proof of age of each performer in case an age protest is made. Failure to do so could result in a routine disqualification.

  • Teachers are responsible for making sure their competitors are lined up at backstage entrance.

  • Competition entrants who leave the stage after their performance begins, for any reason other than technical, will result in a ten-point deduction.

  • Professional dancers and/or those who perform/have performed in a professional dance company may not enter into the competition.

  • SADM allows tumbling. If the routine consists of more than 50% of tumbling, please list in “Open” category.

  • NO REFUNDS- No exceptions

  • Changes made to entries within five days of the competition will result in a $5.00 fee per entry changed.

  • SADM, SADM Southern Stars Dance Competition, and hosting venues are not responsible for property loss.

  • Sportsmanlike behavior is expected from all dancers, teachers, and families. Failure to comply could result in disqualification.

  • No videotaping or flash photography during routines. If violated, one-point deduction will result for first offense; any additional violation during routine will result in disqualification.

  • A competition line-up will be provided approximately 1 week before the competition.

  • Registration for the Southern Stars Competition is done online through Dance Bug.

  • There is a 3% service fee for all credit card payments processed online.

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