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Ballet Forum


The Ballet Forum is a 2 day ballet intensive workshop providing students ages 12-21 years of age with a minimum of 2 years of ballet training,  Your student will have the opportunity to study with a professional classical ballet faculty. Along with technique classes each day, there will be two special performance pieces choreographed and taught by the distinguished Ballet Forum faculty in a ballet company atmosphere. The pieces will be performed at  the  annual SADM Banquet on Saturday evening.


To assure individual attention, participants are divided into two Forums based on age and advancement. Ages are 12-13 and 14-21.The purpose of the placement class is to allow the Choreographers the opportunity to observe the students prior to the choreography classes. Attendance at the placement class is mandatory along with a rehearsal Saturday at 4pm.

Intro to Ballet Forum


The Intro to Ballet Forum is a workshop for students 9-11 years of age. It offers your students knowledge of what to expect when they become 12 years of age and are able to participate in The Ballet Forum upon completing 1 year of Intro to Ballet or 4 years of Ballet Training.  


In preparing the students we will review ballet steps, learn helpful ways to apply and execute technique ,work on their turns and jumps along with learning the ballet body positions and ballet vocabulary. 


To attend you must have had 2 years of ballet training and be age 9-11 years old.


We are pleased to invite parents into class the last 15 minutes to view what our intro students have been working on!

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